Simian Space King

by Chimpgrinder

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Mikey Fazed
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Mikey Fazed Cool riffs, awesome atmosphere. I just wish the songs were a little longer, I could easily go in for a 5+ minute version of these tunes... Favorite track: The Arrow Ritual.
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released May 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Chimpgrinder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lethal Nurses.
Jungle Cults.
Sagittarius A* Bass.
Walls of Orange; Mountains of Sunn.
Primal Beats.
Doom Poetry.
Urban Vegetation. Rusted Metals.

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Track Name: The Arrow Ritual
Stretch an ape
To the shape of a god
Like your confessions
Bend rivers
Curving rooms
Till you can’t touch the corner of ‘em

Awake in a circle
Tighten and bind
Absence of motion
With absence of time

Everything repeats
Beneath the sweltering shadows
of your grandfathers lives
I’ve come among you like an arrow
To split the masks you dance behind

With my mind

My mind will be the arrow
Through the circle of time
For you to follow behind
Track Name: High Ground and Looking Down
We see you comin
Relentlessly huntin us down
We see you comin way down there on the ground
So you’ve got
Bullets for all our beliefs
So you got the means to pulverize anything
We see you comin
Desperately huntin me down
We see you movin
Way down there on the ground
But were ready
And were willing
To throw the sacred spears
Commit the sacred act
Of killing
For the void demands

I gathered them
My men and women
We took the medicine
We had these visions
Of soldiers strewn with machinery
Blood was like the oil
Lubricating everything
And we climbed
Higher than your lives have known
Visions of life

Way up in the tress
Where a motherfucker can breath
Way up in the trees oh please believe
Yeah I gathered them the men and women we took the medicine we had the visions
Yeah I gathered them the men and women we took the medicine we lost all inhibitions
But ive lost
You brought me down again
Killed my families
What they believed in
Were you working for the void
Or was i
Youll send me back
Below above beneath behind the skies
Track Name: Waylaid Way Out
I aint no thinking man
Just some busted ape
Trapped on this damn planet
Ill find a way
Don’t go rooting for me
Ive taken lives
Buried human men
Stalked their grieving wives

Aint nobody coming for me
Aint No reason they should
Aint nobody coming for me
Aint no way they could

Lost in a corner of the galaxy
Lost by my own design
Lost just like I should be
Far from the burning light

The burning light

Got a little picture
A hell of a lot of guilt
Got so many regrets
Gonna get this vessel built

Aint got the materials
But ive got the will
Can only come from
A burnin sun of guilt

The burning light
Of mine

Will is how ill pilot this pos
Simian space king don’t need no sos
Track Name: Infinity Creep
Dials lit up like they used to be
Its what you prepard for
Designs from the finest machines
Opening the lidded doors
Til you get to the end it doesn’t have a name
Infinity creep
Its seepin into everythin
The void is what we swirl around
Perpetual motion til we finally drown
Slowly goin down to where we will be
Snakes are writh’n like spiral galaxies
Tongues flicker logical fallacies
Like my own brain heavin
That’s infinity creepin
In on me on me on me
Escape velocity is beyond me so ill just accept the void
Like my own mind heavin
Infinity creepin
In on me
Track Name: Simian Space King
Im that

now im back on federal retainer
your taxes my mind and covert flights
yes ive been down but I wont suffer
theres 13 doors that I know motherfucker
yes I have committed terrible crimes and ive told
my share of dangerous lies
but im an American son of an ape
and im well within my rights

im that

ive been above the sun
ive been below
what the fuck have you done?

Said ive been above the sun
And I have been below
So low man
So low
Cruised the diameter of space
Cruised it slow
A king of nothing
takin time
While there’s time left to blow
Track Name: Stomach of God
I know you exhale heavens own dead breath
Talking ‘bout it all green and fresh
May I ask if it won’t burden ya
Holy daughter of shining furniture
Just how deep is this truth with you?
Burned beyond all brain chemistry
So describe the signs you claim to see?
What’s in a shape?
It’s no definition
Fuck a dance fuck a lap fuck a rhythm
You say you’re swimming gods stomach for truth
Swimming moves like a religion with you
What works best you’re triply blessed
The water black and bottomless
A touch of razored teeth
Where you can’t take breath
In the depths of the endless
Stomach of god
In the roaring of the eternal
Stomach of god
In the chaos of the churning
Stomach of god

In the burning burning burning
Stomach of god